About Jeench

Shopping. Selling. Delivering.


At Jeench, we believe a new Era of Self-expression and individualism is appreciated more than monetary value. With the help of our technology, we could create a future where each person is employed or has the opportunity to create employment options for others.

Providing workforce opportunities for people is the key to create a strong foundation for a viable economy. Need money? Join a Jeench Community and become a successful courier. Have ambition? Start your own business locally and scale it. Want to spend money cost-effectively? Fulfill your needs by spending it smart within the Jeench ecosystem.

Business Model

Our proposal is simple. Shoppers will always get a great deal when purchasing products with the Jeench app. All products and services have major discounts from 1% to 99% off based on the Seller’s policy. Local availability saves money, time, and provides a platform for Jeench to be scalable worldwide.

With Jeench, Sellers have a wide range to manage their business that is free of charge. Couriers set their own price for delivery and the option to select preferred stores they want to serve. Jeench is a viable option for the self-motivated courier.

Jeench has the potential to generate millions of Shoppers thus, generating a substantial profit to continue making the Shopping World stable, advanced, and convenient to use. For operational purposes, Jeench charges Shoppers a nominal fee for each order, that does not hit their wallet, for less than one dollar per transaction.


Jeench is an app built for Shopping, Selling and Delivery all at one time. You choose the way that you use Jeench to fit your needs. Find everything you need locally, as well as, create and operate your own store or earn extra money delivering items for other people on the go.

For Shoppers, Jeench provides major discounts. All products and services are discounted from 1% to 99% off. Our app will enter a competitive marketplace as a sophisticated e-commerce option that is intuitive and available for everyone.

For Sellers, Jeench provides the best tool set. Period. Now, the opportunity to start your own business can be easily achieved. Entrepreneurs could create a store, with an unlimited number of locations, hire staff, manage and schedule each location, accept direct payments from customers, and develop a thriving business. Potential Sellers also have the option to partner or contract with an existing store by sending a request to the current owner to discuss collaborative opportunities.

For Drivers, Jeench has created a flexible schedule, direct payment from customers, and a store suggestion filter. One courier might serve as many locations as they choose with stores in preferred areas. Couriers may set their own price for delivery and make a profit. This is not only convenient but fair and rewarding.