FAQ for Shoppers

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about Jeench Shopping


How do I use Jeench for purchases?

You can use the Jeench app (iOS and Android) to request a delivery from any store and make appointments with specialists in your location. Once you've located the store you'd like to order from, add the items that you want in your cart. Input your payment and contact information. Tap “Proceed”.

Which location has a “Jeench Community”?

Jeench is available to use in any city located in the United States.

If you can’t find stores in your location, please check it later. We are working to establish stores in all areas.

What can I have delivered with Jeench?

Jeench contains more than 375,000 various products and services that you can order. It uses a robust classifier for inventory. You can buy a variety of products from the local stores near you.

How can I receive my order?

Jeench provides a choice for order pick up: self pick up, fast delivery, or scheduled delivery. You can select the method that you want while ordering.

Pick up allows you to get the items that you ordered from a certain store at a specific time.

Fast delivery allows you to receive the order from a courier from any local store within an hour. Your delivery address and the store’s location must be within a 10-mile radius or less.

Scheduled delivery allows you to set a specific time to receive your order from a courier. For example, you can schedule a delivery one week in advance or make an appointment with a busy specialist in advance.

When can I use Jeench?

Jeench is available 24/7, 365 days a year. As long as the Seller is available to accept orders, Jeench will deliver.


Where is my Cart?

Open the Shopping tab (first tab from the left). Tap on the circle with the Jeench logo. You will see the Shopping Bar. Tap on “Cart” to open your cart.

What is the “Watch List”?

Watch List contains orders of the items that you added to the Cart.

What is “Save for Later”?

This folder belongs to your Cart. It contains products and services that are saved for later. You can move them back into the Cart or remove the items from the folder.

What is the “small blue circle” on the Cart icon?

A small blue circle appears when you have items in your cart. You can remove them from the Cart or proceed to checkout.

How to remove items from the Cart?

Open your Cart. Go to the Watch list tab inside the Cart.
If you want to remove an entire order from your Cart, swipe the order to the left. Press “Remove”.

If you want to remove an item from an order in your Cart, tap on the order that contains this item. Swipe the item to the left (right for Android). Press “Remove”.

How to save my product or service for later?

Open a “product/service card”. Add it to the Cart. Open the Cart, then open the order that contains this item. Swipe the item to the left (right for Android). Press “Save for later”.

How to move items that are “Saved for later” to the Cart?

Open the Cart. Tap the tab “Saved for later” tab. Find your item and swipe it to the left (right for Android). Press “To Watch List”.

How to buy an item from the “Saved for later” folder?

Open the Cart. Tap on “Saved for later”. Find your item. Swipe it to the left (right for Android). Press “To Watch List”. Open the order that contains this item. Press “Proceed” at the bottom.

How to buy using the Jeench app?

Open the “Shopping” tab in the Jeench app. Find an item or service that you need. Open a “product/ service card”. At the bottom, there is a “Purchase it” or “Add to Cart” option.

If you choose “Purchase it”, you can buy that item instantly.

If you choose “Add to Cart”, that item will be placed in your Cart. You can continue to surf for other products and services and add them to the Cart.

How long does the Cart save my purchases?

As long as Sellers have inventory, Jeench does not remove items from your Cart.

How long can my purchases be in the “Saved for later” folder?

There isn’t a time limit. Jeench does not remove items from the “Saved for later” folder.


Where are my orders?

Open the “Shopping” tab in the Jeench app. Tap on the circle with the Jeench logo. You will see the Shopping Bar. Tap on “Orders” to open your orders.

Is there a deadline to cancel my order?

Yes, you can only cancel orders before the courier is in the process of delivering it. If the courier confirms that he is on the way to the store, this order is impossible to cancel.

How can I cancel my order?

You can only cancel your order before Jeench finds a courier to deliver it.

Open the “Shopping” tab in the Jeench app. Tap the circle with the Jeench logo. You will see the Shopping Bar. Tap “Orders” and find your order. Tap “In progress”. Cancel the order.

What is an “Unpaid order”?

If your order is marked as Unpaid, most likely, that payment method was declined. Try to use another payment method.

You have only 30 minutes to make a payment. Otherwise, your order will be moved back to the Cart. You have two hours to complete a transaction if your payment method is cryptocurrency.

How can I change the delivery address after ordering?

There are two options:

Option 1: The best way is to cancel the order. Then, follow the steps to purchase the order again. Sorry for the inconvenience! We will add this feature soon to change the address from your device soon.

Option 2: Use the Jeench app to contact your courier to change the delivery address. The new address must be within a 10-mile radius or less from your new location and the store.

Where is my order? I did not receive it.

Open your Order and check the status in the Jeench app.

If Jeench is looking For Drivers, you will receive a notification after Jeench finds a courier. You will get your order very soon.

If a courier has not picked up your order from the store, please contact the courier to find out the ETA (estimated time of arrival).

If the order was canceled, you will receive a refund within five business days.

If a courier took your order but did not deliver it to you, please contact the store to make sure the courier retrieved your order from the store.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, contact Jeench Customer Service.

My items were damaged.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. To resolve your issue quickly, please contact the Seller and courier. You can influence the rating of a Seller or courier by submitting a complaint regarding your order.

I bought items, but the order was canceled.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Orders might be canceled automatically if Jeench couldn't find couriers in those areas. We are working to improve this process. We appreciate your patience.

Pricing & Charges

What is the service fee?

The Jeench service fee is a variable percentage-based fee applied to the purchase price of your items. You will always be able to verify and review the service fee for your order on the checkout screen while processing your order.

How do you determine the delivery fee?

The Jeench delivery fee is determined by the couriers of Jeench. The recommended price for delivery is $3 to $50 depending on the size of the order and the vehicle requested. If a courier charges a less amount, Jeench will refund your money after completing the order.


Are subscriptions available for a favorite store?

Yes. When you find a store on Jeench that becomes your favorite, you can subscribe to it. This store will be saved in your Subscription list, so you can quickly find it.

How can I find my subscriptions?

Open the “Shopping” tab in the Jeench app. Tap on the circle with the Jeench logo. You will see the Shopping Bar. Tap on “Subscriptions” to open your List of favorite stores.

Trust & Safety

Is it safe to buy on Jeench?

Jeench is always concerned about the privacy of our customers. Jeench does NOT collect any customer data. Your email, address, and phone number that Jeench has is not used or shared with the government or other corporations. Jeench will not send texts to your phone or send email notifications that contain your purchase information.