Jeench Features

Things you might know, and might don’t


Is it easy to buy things online? Yes, but can we improve it? It is acceptable to wait one or two days to receive an item. But, why not make it a 30 minute delivery? This is a challenge, but could it work? Yes…by using the Jeench app locally.

First and foremost, Jeench is a location orientated instrument that help Buyers, Sellers, and Couriers optimize a local e-commerce process. Geolocation plays a significant role to improve the robust infrastructure of the Jeench app. It also creates an efficient e-commerce ecosystem where each country, state, city, or even a district works as an independent self-sufficient hub.

This is how it works...

For Buyers:

  1. Search for local goods and services in the inventory list, map, and AR view.
  2. Search for favorite local stores in a specific area.
  3. Get fast delivery from preferred shops and make quick appointments with local specialists.

For Shops:

  1. Create stores in specific locations for local shoppers.
  2. Search and hire local couriers to deliver orders.
  3. Track “product demands” in areas of your choice.

For Drivers:

  1. Select preferred locations to provide delivery services for favorite stores nearby.
  2. Work in local areas to deliver to local customers.
  3. Track “delivery demand” in the areas of interest

Jeench’s Geolocation feature help Sellers distribute products locally and decreases costs for operations and logistics. This process makes it easier for customers to find a desirable item nearby and expands the reach to cover a broader audience.

Data Management Title

Our priority is to ensure the privacy of our users’ data. Jeench will not use “data gathering” tools, in the guise of advertisements and solicitations, to send notifications to your email address or mobile device. Your orders and purchase history is integrated in the Jeench app. You have complete control to manage, change, or delete your account information. Investors, advisers, or any other third party does not have access to our users’ data or compromise our users’ privacy for financial gain or for self-interests.

Augmented Reality Title

Expand your world with the Jeench Augmented Reality (JAR). This dynamic feature will help you to quickly find your favorite stores and will allow you to experience every day shopping in a completely different way.

Our Geolocation system will track your position, build up a world full of fascinating items, and surround you with various products and services.

It is our vision that, some day, every item and every store would be a part of Jeench’s JAR. We are creating a universe where technology could expand our possibilities like never before. Just turn on your mobile devise, download the Jeench app, and see what happens!